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Love vs. Money

So by now, you all may have heard the details of Tiger Woods and his soon to be ex-wife Elin’s divorce. Its hard to believe that the ex-nanny will recieve between $750-$833 million from her marriage to Woods from doing exactly what??? Even if the roles were reversed I still wouldn’t agree with this settlement.

For our readers, how much does love cost nowadays? Is there a such thing now as genuine love? Is money the end-all be-all in a relationship?


All the answers

If females have all the answers of why and how guys think. Why are so many of them alone. They don’t know, they think they do but have no idea. They fool themselves thinking all guys think alike. That’s far from the truth. They think all guys want is sex, which may have some truth to it, but is not the end all be all. True guys think about sex maybe 90% of the time, the ? you should ask ,”is he thinking about sex with you?”

The Friend Zone

The Friend Zone…….where potential relationships go to die when you’re labeled with the six letter word “Friend” But tell me people……What does this zone look like???

Y You So Mad

I can’t stand when I see or hear bitter ass females hating on guys. Let me think you made a bad vagina giveaway and now u stuck with a deadbeat. Or could it be that u sleep with the guy the first night and he hasn’t returned your call or text. Maybe u think y’all in a relationship in your mind but you not.

Don’t group every guy together. If you are attracted to guys who are going to treat you shit beat and cheat on you then don’t complain later. You are supposed to be an adult so you have to take responsibility for your dumb ass actions.

Baby Mama Blues

It just crazy that a persons poor judgement, allows them to stereotype a group of men. You decied to sleep
With a dead beat so deal with it.  You made a bad choice, then if you all have another kid then you get what you got then.  I just need ladies to make better choices of who yall going to sleep with, cause you getting pregant is a outcome that can happen and if you believe in smortions that on you.  So don’t catergories me with the deadbeats, step your game up seek a better kind of man. thank you.

Mail Bag Thursday

Why do men stop out side the relationship is it for the sex or are you looking for something else your mate isnt giving you???  Its for sex, unless the guy becomes emotinal.attached but if he is just sleeping with her and pretty much not doing anything else. Example No dates, trips, no hanging out.

How important is sex to the relationship???  Its in the top 5

Do men really want a woman who can handle her business or do you secretly desire a women who needs you to survive (pay her bills, even make decisions ane etc)??  You want a woman who can surive on there your own. You dont want to be with somebody who will bring you down or doesnt want any thing out of life.  The guys who want a woman who cant pay bills, cant provide or take care of there self gives them control over them similar to them being a slave. 

Would it bother you if your mate made more money then you????  No it doesn’t make a difference unless the guy is not brining anything to the table financially. There also needs to be some kind of partenership established, “this is our money not just mine.” Also if she is a control freak and she wants to make all the decision then throws it in his face all the time.  Let it be know one of the things that can hurt a guy pride is not being able to provide for his girlfriend, wife, kids, and or family.

Its Not Me Its You

There are a lot of bitter, evil, mad, low self esteem woman out here not to pick on you. It’s not us guys is you gals. It’s just like any experiment their is a constant and variable. Females are the constant and Males are the variable. It’s something wrong with you,it might be you’re behavior, personality, mouth, emotions it’s something with you. If every guy you talk to leave you then it’s you.