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Love vs. Money

So by now, you all may have heard the details of Tiger Woods and his soon to be ex-wife Elin’s divorce. Its hard to believe that the ex-nanny will recieve between $750-$833 million from her marriage to Woods from doing exactly what??? Even if the roles were reversed I still wouldn’t agree with this settlement.

For our readers, how much does love cost nowadays? Is there a such thing now as genuine love? Is money the end-all be-all in a relationship?

Broke Phi Broke’s Newest Inductee

Money and Black America go hand in hand, the easier its earned, the better. The faster its blown, the worse. Our newest Broke Phi Broke inductee…….New York Knicks Forward/Center Eddy Curry.

Curry earned 12-13 million over this past season but that didn’t stop him from taking out a loan with 87% interest tacked on in order to satisfy his financial obligations to his 12 cars, baby mothers, his crew and other excess expenses. Careers don’t last forever but money can if you take care of it.

Broke Phi Broke welcomes Eddy Curry to the broke brotherhood.

The Baltimore Bullets

As I watch the LeBron-less conference finals, I can’t help but to imagine that same type of playoff atmosphere if Baltimore had an NBA franchise. Gone are the days of the Bullets playing a handful of games at the ancient Baltimore Arena. I wonder if there’s a stigma against the city in the eyes of David Stern. I know there’s alot of politics involved in order to secure a team but I think its time the charm city sweet talk Stern into bringing a team to Baltimore.

Lakers vs Celtics

NBA are you ready for a repeat of the 2008 finals. Well if you aren’t then you need to be they are headed on a collision course. Yeah I am lakers fan Kobe all day.