Thirst Traps

imagesWhat is a thirst trap?  A photo or comment created by a female to garner likes, comments, and reactions.

The two most common places you can find thirst traps  FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM.

If you aren’t sure what a thirst traps looks or sounds like, where are a couple common ones.

     “I am so lonely on this cold night.”
” How does my azz look in either jeans or dress.”
     ” Good Night XOXO,” While wearing only lingere
In a mirror in just bra’s or panties or tiddies and azz hanging out
Tight fitting clothes bending over and poking there azz out
Over greased up lips – and than saying, “Wouldn’t you love to feels this lips.’

These are just a few listed above, to many to list and name.  Porn stars – strippers – video vixen are nothing but walking traps so my advice their is to look and keep it moving.

Guy’s if it sounds or looks like a setup, don’t do it. You arent required to like the picture ,or comment. If you do like a picture, hit the like button keep it moving. I am tired of fellas setting there self up for failure and getting dissed. On these social networks.  Yall making a azz out of y’all, just chill. Sidenote these ladies out here will screen shot all you . So be careful what you say and inbox.


She not trying to fuck you or date you she want attention and likes that`s it that`s all so understand that its real simple.

Social Media Y’all cop out.

iI am tired of all these ladies blaming fb, Twitter, and other social media for there relationship downfalls. Maybe he wasn’t shit from the start. Maybe yout not taking care of home because you on social media minding  everyone else business on there. Some guys  just anti shit y’all just have to realize that…..

Man Law

Man law violations are at a all time high. After watching lately this guys ate breaking all kind of rules and violations. I am giving you top 5 new laws for November.

1. Can’t reply to a text, email, or any other kind of non-verbal communication with the letter “K”
2. Can’t let a dildo touch any other part of the body expect his hand.
3. Can’t wear jeans smaller then your female counterpart.
4. Can’t hate on a another man for messing with a chick you like – especially when you are married.
5. Can’t wear all this itemS at the same time scarfs, ear muffs, gloves. Pick one.

Pewter Foamposite

R & R Sunday. Sneaker 101 Hook up. You have the Pewter Foamposite and no idea of what shirt to wear. Try this hook up. This are my personal pic Pewter Foams & Good Money by Dirty Jax check out

Some money is bad but Dirty Jax has “GOOD MONEY”

I am big sneaker fan. I am a Foamposite fanatic. I found out about this company Dirty Jax that make some of the slickest shirts I ever seen. I found out about them searching for a shirt to match the royal Foamposite. I came across the shirt on I want to give them a shoutout also they are a great store make sure to check them out to. But when I first laid eyes on that Black and royal tee love at first sight. Now 6 shirts later White /Royal, White Black and Red/ Black Royal / Black Purple / Black Pewter/ Black Electric Green. They sell a wide range of shirt check em out at. follow them on twitter at @dirtyjax

Its No Longer A Game

Last night B.E.T reprimered , “The Game.” They
came out swing in the season preimere and hit a home run. There
were so many twist and turns all over the show. With a two year
hiatus, they quickly got you up to speed with the show. From Jason
retiring, to Malik sleeping with the owners wife. There is a lot
going on, and if this was your first time ever watching the show,
you need to go watch the previsous seasons to get caught up to get
a better understand of what is talking place. I am not going to
spoil the epsidoe for those who havent seen it, but later in the
week I will do my Friday Review. But i was not disappointed at all,
finally B.E.T did something right.

The formula to a healthy relationship

Here’s what needed to maintain and have a healthy relationship

1. God / Religion

2. Trust

3. Honesty

4. Commitment

5. Dedication

6. Open communication

If all this things are present in both individuals in the relationship it will work 99.9 percent of the time.

Love vs. Money

So by now, you all may have heard the details of Tiger Woods and his soon to be ex-wife Elin’s divorce. Its hard to believe that the ex-nanny will recieve between $750-$833 million from her marriage to Woods from doing exactly what??? Even if the roles were reversed I still wouldn’t agree with this settlement.

For our readers, how much does love cost nowadays? Is there a such thing now as genuine love? Is money the end-all be-all in a relationship?